I have some trouble reaching 1st gear in the normal driving position, so I have been looking for another gear stick. Slightly longer and a sharper bend will suit me fine.
The room above the gear stick is limited by the dashboard, so length could only be extended approx. 20mm. The material used in gear stick's is normally not easily bend, so I was happy when I found one from a Morris Minor 1000 which had just the right angle. After numerous trial's I found just the right length, and cut it with an angle grinder. I turned a plastic bush with an outside diameter of 15mm to suit an old SPARCO gear knob (yellow to match the nose). The bush is glued on top of the stick and the knob is held by 3 allen screws.

New and old compared

The gear knob is moved approx. 33mm back. It might not look as much, but I think that it's just adequate to give a better gear change.

Later I found the yellow knob too "flashy" so I have exchanged it for a new in polished aluminum, which suits the car far better (hard to photograph though).