Projects 2007:

Windscreen: Polish frame, new stanchions, new screws, new glass.
Battery: New lighter type, relocation to front of passenger foot well.
Front suspension: Complete refurbishment, lots of new parts, chrome.
Transmision: New longer gearstick
Tyres: New tyres.
Bodywork: Modified rear wings to cope with wider tires.
Steering: Intermediate bearing on steering column and new steering joint.

Future projects:

Ignition: Electronic Distributorless Ignition System (EDIS), probably MegaJolt Lite.
Cooling: Radiator, New lighter aluminium type. Relocation.
Electrics: Starter motor, New lighter type, BRISE, In-line solenoid, weight: 2,7 kg.
Electrics: Big red starter button on dash-board.
Exhaust: New Long Centre Branch manifold, stainless muffler.
Safety: Seatbelts, Rollover bar.
Bodywork: Repaint.

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